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Victoria, BC: lovely as ever
by Dianne Kochenburg

In June (2012) I spent a few days in Victoria with my pal Marjorie. We had talked about making this trip for years but one thing leads to another and I thought we would never get around to it. So we both just dropped everything and took off. There is now a direct flight from SFO to the little airport in Victoria. I liked that even though Marjorie wasn't too sure about flying in a plane with only 50 seats. Nothing to it in good weather.

Notice that the Empress is as imposing as ever from the harbour. We trotted down to the wharf for a quick look at the local arts and crafts faire. I spotted the most adorable little tug boats and just had to take a ride on one. They use them for short excursions and as water taxis. Great fun.


I've spent lots of time in Victoria and thought I would remember how to drive from here to there without any problems. It's funny how one's memory isn't quite as good as you think it is. I kept telling Marjorie, it's an island, how lost can we get? But eventually it all came back to me and I did manage to find everything. We crammed in as might sights as possible into the short few days we were there.

We had tea several times, but decided that the
Buchart Garden tea was the most delicious.

Made a quick run out to Oak Bay to shop.
It's as pretty as ever.

Made a run upstream one morning when it was too
rainy to walk anywhere. Found an out-of-the-way
restaurant called "Goats on the Roof". Yes,
that's a real goat.

Next to the goats was a statuary emporium.
I thought about buying this chicken for my back yard,
but eventually I regained my sanity.

Speaking of statues!
Couldn't resist looking at these amazing lions...

This is hidden in the Buchart Gardens, a topiary bear and a couple of pigs.
I love bears but meeting up with one in the woods would be
frightening, unless it's one made up of leaves and dry twigs.

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