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Travel Photos 
I forgot to show you...

by DianneK

Dinosaur footprints -- Colorado

I was looking at some of my old unpublished photos the other day and realized that there are some nifty images that might give you a chuckle, or might even inspire you to go see them first hand. However, this is the year that we have been advised to travel close to home, to take those one-tank-of-gas trips, so many of you won't be able to visit these places. It might be a good time to just look at this scenery and let it go at that.

Zion National Park
Several years ago I took that circle driving trip: Las Vegas-Zion-Bryce-Grand Canyon and then back to Las Vegas. It's beautiful, especially if you like the desert and red rocks! They make terrific photographs.

Bryce Canyon
The difference between these two parks: you look up at Zion and down onto Bryce. Personally I thought Bryce was even more spectacular than the Grand Canyon. 

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Well, it sure is big. It's a little smoggy these days. The Park Ranger said the smog comes up from Los Angeles. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe some of the pollution from L/Vegas was a culprit too. The park was crowded but we were lucky enough to stay at a lodge overlooking the canyon. Great views, of course. It's worth spending at night even if it's crowded.

Glenn Canyon Dam
Glenn Canyon Dam

This is the infamous Glenn Canyon Dam that gonzo environmentalist Edward Abbey wrote about in his cult novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang. This dam is what formed Lake Powell. The lake is presently at its all-time low so it's possible to see the wonders that the water has been covering up for many years. If the drought continues in this section of the country, the lake will disappear and Abbey's dying wish will have been granted.

The security at this dam is very high. It's been a terrorist target since terrorism was just a prank. But the government has no sense of humor and they go to ridiculous lengths to make sure that little old ladies aren't carrying explosives in our purses. Plus there is no way to even get close to the dam. That's because the Monkey Wrench Gang got onto the dam and, using plastic bags with a phony crack painted on them, dropped the bags over the face of the dam. At first glance it looked as though the dam had a huge crack in it. It was a prank. The government wasn't amused, they still aren't.

keeping things in balance
Balancing Rock, somewhere in Colorado

Aspen, somewhere in Colorado

red rock
Red Rock Park, Colorado

I spent a few days in Denver a while back. These photos are from that trip. Red Rock park is another marvel. There's a famous amphitheater there. Apparently the acoustics a very good. Famous rock bands played there in the sixties and seventies, maybe they still do today. It would be loads of fun to go to a concert at Red Rock. Unfortunately I didn't get that chance. Maybe next trip.

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