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A Couple of Tourists in New York City
by the Phantom
Ellis Island
Ellis Island, New York Harbor
Last spring my daughter Sheri and I decided to make a quick weekend trip to New York City. We'd been talking about doing it for a long time. We had a huge list of things to do, but our number one agenda item was to see a couple of shows. We'd been talking about The Producers for over a year. Tickets are hard to come by, as everybody knows. But guess what, anything is possible on ebay! these days. I went online, found the tickets, bid on them and won! Who knew it would be that easy. (Note: for some reason, ebay sellers cannot sell Broadway Show tickets for more than 20% over their stated price. I bought 3 sets of tickets and never paid more than they were worth. Such a deal!)
Hi Sheri
The Phantom and Sheri at Battery Park in line for the Ellis Island ferry.

Like thousands of other tourists, we wanted to go to Ellis Island. That's where Grandma McDougal landed when she immigrated from Ireland in 1900. It was a lovely spring day, there were hordes of tourists and it was a wonderful experience.
Sheri again
Here's Sheri on Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty in the background.
Didn't see Letterman
I took lots of quirky photos of NYC. Here's one of them.
Nazi soup kitchen
Here's the famous Nazi Soup Kitchen from Seinfeld.
Hi Zaphra
This is Clever contributor, Zaphra Reskakis. I met her for the first time during this weekend trip. She was so helpful to Sheri and me, we couldn't thank her enough. We met for breakfast our first morning in the city. 

We saw the shows, shopped, wandered through several museums, rode the subway, had some great meals, gawked around Times Square and generally enjoyed every minute of our quick trip. It was ninety degrees when we arrived. Then it rained, and then there was a thunder and lightening storm. On our last morning leaving for the airport, the cab driver was complaining because there was snow in the forecast. Never a dull moment in New York.
Hi Zaphra, Hi Vicky, Hi Natalie
Let me introduce my NYC pals: Zaphra Reskakis, Victoria Reggio
and Natalie Pieterse. They have written numerous essays for Clever. 

On Saturday I had breakfast with these three Clever contributors. What a treat. I consider all three of them to be pals of mine, but pals that I had never met before. As you can see, we all hit it off. It's always special when I get a chance to meet the writers in person. Thanks again! It was lovely.

As for my impressions of the city itself, I'd say it is truly on the mend. It has always been a great place to visit, so take my advice and head for New York. You won't be sorry.

Statue of Liberty
It wouldn't be a trip to New York City without this photo, now would it?
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