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Is it safe to pass yet?
Scenic California back road, we've all been here...


On the road again: 
having fun with my camera

by the Phantom

mirror image
Self-portrait of camera

While driving California's Hwy 88 home from Tahoe last weekend I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous the scenery is, especially now that the snow is melting and the road is open and safe. This road doesn't get much traffic. It's a little known secret first discovered by Kit Carson and now only used by bikers and people who like taking their lives in their hands driving on two-lane roads for miles on end, with no rest stops.

Silver Lake
Silver Lake, maybe. Very pretty...

It was a lovely day and the trip went well until we neared the Bay Area. Even though it was a Saturday afternoon the traffic was miserable once we hit civilization again. We had spent a week at a resort in a small town in Nevada called Genoa, very serene cow and pasture country. But like any vacation, it always ends abruptly with the trip back home.

No passing
Hwy 88 near the summit

Virginia City
Virginia City church, we spent one afternoon of our vacation here

This is one of the few holy sights in Virginia City. As most folks know, V/C came into being for the Comstock silver mines during the late 1800s. The town's purpose was to separate the silver from the miners' pockets after they had separated it from the land surrounding the town. Now Virginia City exists to separate money from the pockets of tourists. It seems like there must be at least 100 stores all selling the same junk hauled in from somewhere else (mostly foreign places), which they are trying desperately to sell off. It all smells sort of musty and mildewy. I thought that was odd because it's so hot and dry up there. We had lunch, wandered the shops for a bit and stayed away from the slot machines. I don't recommend a visit unless you are bored out of your mind with Reno, Stateline, North or South shore or have taken leave of your senses.

Santa Fe road
Here's another road, it's the one between Albuquerque and Taos, New Mexico

This photo was with the Nevada ones. I had forgotten that I'd been in Taos just a few weeks ago for a couple of days. Those are my kids in the front seat and that's big sky country ahead of us. I'm not a big fan of the southwestern desert, although I have seen some remarkable sights driving through it. Nowadays when I'm bored, I take out my camera and film stuff thru the car windows, a trick that I couldn't do before digital. Cameras today are so much fun because you can take quick photos from just about anywhere. I've been trying to manipulate the bug splatters on the windows that I shot the other day. I'll post them when I get them just right!

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