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Animals of Costa Rica

 A photo essay by Meeta and Frank Parker

My husband Frank and I were in Costa Rica on vacation. While driving around we encountered many wild animals that we photographed. We also visited the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo where they allowed us to hold baby monkeys and photograph some of the poisonous snakes that inhabit Costa Rica. Here are some of our photos.

The large shiny object that caught my eye at the
Poas Volcano is a Gold Metallic Beetle.

This is a three toed sloth on the ground heading for a tree.

Toucans add a splash of color to the Costa Rican sprit
as they tease you by
flying right by your head.

The Margay, though kitty like,
is a fierce cat that lives in the Costa Rican Rainforest.

The only thing between us and this mighty Jaguar
was a piece of glass.

Iguanas and lizards are found everywhere in Costa Rica. 
This small green lizard is a Green Basilisk that crossed our path.

These curious wild donkeys put their heads
inside our car to say “Hello”.

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