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Fairytale Landscapes such as this truly exist in Jasper.  This is Maligne Lake at sunset.

Banff, Jasper and the Canadian Rockie Mountains

By Meeta Gajjar Parker

Photography by Frank and Meeta Parker

My husband Frank and I were on vacation in the Canadian Rockies in June of 2007 when we took these pictures. We stayed primarily inside Banff National Park, drove up to Jasper for a night, and then back to Banff for our last night. At first we struggled to look for bears, and then we discovered that the road to Jasper is full of them. This turned out to be bear heaven. We counted eleven bears on this trip, including the two that crossed in front of our car on a desolate road. I stood up in the car, through the sun roof to get pictures. This was one of the most special vacations we’ve ever had. The experience of being there was spiritual in the sense that we were able to really connect to nature. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular, in that you are looking at live murals of picturesque landscapes.  They are backed with deeply colored lakes from the glacial silt that is constantly making its way down from the many glaciers in this region.

Jasper Black Bears are moving into higher ground searching for food. 
This bear is hunting for berries and isn’t interested in us. 
We found him wandering across a quiet, desolate back road.

In the Canadian Rockies, on the way to Jasper, we came across this breathtaking vista.

This was our first opportunity to walk on a glacier.   We ventured out on the Columbia Ice field Glacier Experience Tour. This is one of the few glaciers that you can drive up to. 
A huge vehicle carried us out onto the Athabaska Glacier,
where we got out and explored the blue colored ice on our own.

On the road that led us from Banff to Jasper we also caught a glimpse of this Canadian gift from Mother Nature.  What an amazing view.

On the advice of a local Canadian in British Columbia we discovered this natural hot spring
that sits on the bank of a river.  This majestic scenery was glorious to experience. 
Behind the emerald river is a pine forest. 
We sat in the 104 degree water talking to friendly strangers while we all embraced nature.

These friendly big horn sheep were plentiful on Bow Valley Road and many areas we visited. 
This is a male with beautiful curly horns.
Watching him lock horns with another male was quite interesting. 
In the parking lot of the Miette Hot Spring, in Jasper, many of them stood blocking our cars. 
It was all friendly, yet they had no intention of moving out of our way.

This is Lake Moraine, one of the most dramatically beautiful lakes we have ever seen. 
A close second is the famous Lake Louise which is literally around the corner from here. 
This photo was taken on a cloudy day, but just imagine it in the sunshine.

This is another incredible landscape we passed while driving through the Canadian Rockies.  Somebody sees this every day. I hope they sigh every time they see it.

This scene we encountered while coming back from the Athabaska Falls in Banff. 
It was colorful and vigorous to witness. 
 Tall pine trees are a backdrop to the large stones and
turquoise blue rapids refreshingly splashing up.

Emerald Lake sits in solitude, without a single ripple. 
The reflection of mountains, pine trees and a house,
in the water make a beautiful memory of a lovely place, like one in a dream.
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