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Grand Canyon: 
Trying out the New Truck

by Tom Beall

Last September my wife Lanna and I traveled to the Grand Canyon in our new truck.  It's curious that we've never been there before.  What a magnificent landfill it would make.  (Just kidding, Greenies!) We covered most of the south rim and stayed in the campground in Canyon Village. It was awesome, and it was enough. 

From there we drove to Zion National Park in Utah, entering at the east end and traveling through the tunnel and past all of those unbelievable formations.  We hiked two trails in the park and had a great time. 

Bryce Canyon was just a short trip past Zion, and we stayed there another night.  We toured the park just before nightfall.  This is a must-see on anyone's travel ticket.  The rock formations were incredible, with one area lighting up in the sunset like pink spires.  I tried to capture it on film, but it pales next to mama nature.

As we were leaving Bryce, we saw a large 4-point buck feeding in a field next to the road, with a hunter's arrow protruding from behind its shoulder. I alerted the ranger but he said the buck had been there for three weeks and would likely survive. We then drove to Idaho for a family visit before heading home.  By the way:  Terrific Truck!

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