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Exploring the Pima Air & Space Museum
by PeggerD & Diannek 

Fairchild PT-19 (1940-43)

Have you ever wondered where the old airplanes go when their flying days are over? If they're lucky, they'll end up in Arizona. The Pima Air and Space Museum opened in May of 1976, as a private, nonprofit facility for the preservation of the history of flight. It now boasts of 250 aircraft on display on over 80 acres of land. PeggerD visited the museum several years ago and took some photos. Here are just a few of the planes on display:


This is a Douglas VC-118A Liftmaster

This beauty is a Douglas C-124 Globemaster
Here's a Boeing B-29A Superfortress

This one is a Northrop YC-125 Raider

This is a DeHavilland L-20A (U-GA) Bever

We have to applaud the efforts of the people who had the foresight to create this fine museum. They are continuing to add to it in order to preserve an important part of our American history.

They have a website, of course. Take their virtual tour at www.pimaair.org, and if you're ever in the Tucson area, be sure to stop by. 

Find it here!     

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