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Snapshots of the City

a Phantom Production
(photo credits: Karen Dale)

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Stuff NYC does well...

Ground Zero, Dec 2001

Here's the way Ground Zero looked 
just after the public viewing platform 
was opened in December of 2001.

"The dust has settled, the smoldering fires appear to be out and the stench of the destruction seems to be fading away." Those were Karen Dale's first impressions of ground zero on a cold winter day in late December. At first glance the area looks rather like any huge construction site. But then the grim reminders are revealed.

The platform is quite a ways away from the rubble that's still above the surface, which is where the big cranes work steadily. The trucks that remove the debris move in and out of the site on what appears to be hard-packed dirt roads. Who knows what still lies beneath those makeshift roads?

NYC builting draped in plastic
Ground Zero

The building flying the American flag is draped in plastic, another grim reminder of the event. Other buildings that rim the site all have damage of some sort. Visitors stand in long lines to view the area, taking turns to stand silently for a few minutes before making way for the next group.

This store front full of dusty clothes has been encased as a memorial to the day.

Visitors to the area will find many touching memorials to the event as they make their way along Fulton Street to the viewing platform. One particularly interesting one is this storefront that still displays the dust that settled over everything. A person could spend hours reading the placards and notes left by victims' families and friends they'll find sprouting up along the route.

Karen on the subway
New York is recovering nicely. It's cold this December, but not too cold.  Times Square bustles as it gets ready for the big New Year's Celebration. 
"I love New York City and wanted to see for myself just how it was doing after the big event. I was reassured to be back again," says Karen.


Hi Karen
Karen Dale
Clever Magazine staff writer

According to Karen, New York City definitely has an energy that is unique to the United States, and maybe the world. Although it’s a fantastic place to visit, NYC, like anywhere else, has as many frustrations as it does frolics. Here’s the list we came up with during our New Year’s week in the Big Apple:

Stuff  NYC does well

Street corner Gyros 
Grocery stores 
Central Park ice rink 
McDonald’s hot chocolate 
Brooklyn Heights 
Staten Island ferry 
Unlimited Metro pass 
5th Ave. store windows 
Radio stations  
Street vendor scarves & gloves 
Subway/bus maps 
Cabaret at Studio 54 

…and not so well:

Street corner hot dogs
New Years Eve in Times Square
Liquor stores
Rockefeller Center ice rink
Dunkin Donut’s coffee
Greenwich Village
Empire State Building
Ambiguous subway stations
5th Ave. store prices
Live music
Street vendor “photos” of New York
Out-of-date guide books
Smiler’s (Madison & 55th )
TKTS line

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