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Hiking Kauai
Sheri & Jeff (on the right), two Clever staffers, are joined by a couple of
shirt-tail relatives on a day-hike in Kauai

Go Take A Hike
a Phantom Production

After a few days of toasting their tootsies on the beach and eating too much poi and too many pupus, Sheri and Jeff decided it was time for a little exercise. They convinced their relatives, Sue and Chris, to go along with them. It was one of those sign-up deals offered by hotels and excursion-hawkers. The brochure said it would be an easy-to-moderate hike through the lush fern gardens and waterfalls of Kauai's Princeville area. Guides and a lunch would be provided. The emphasis was on easy. It sounded like fun!
fern garden
Off they go into the ferns...

The fearless foursome started off by following their guide through a soggy fern forest. The storm clouds overhead didn't seem to bother them. After all, it was winter in Kauai. It was a little muddier than they anticipated. Good thing they were wearing shoes. Another good thing: there are no snakes in Hawaii. But watch out for all the rest of the bugs: mosquitoes, spiders, ticks and leeches. Enough said.

Hi Sheri
Sheri takes a water break while enjoying the view of Princeville 
in the background (make that way in the background).

So far, so good, but the trail to the waterfall was coming up. The guides made light of the fact that it was a little steeper, muddier and more slippery than one might expect to find on an "easy" hike. 
Here's Jeff rappelling down a muddy ravine

Next they had to ford a raging river. Notice the specially designed Chinese water socks that the guides thoughtfully provided for our intrepid hikers.
cute feet
Footwear photo!

Lunching at the waterfall was great fun and everybody was hungry. So this island rooster had no worries, mate. These Kauai chickens are found everywhere on the island. There are lots of myths about them. The latest one suggests that they were illegal cock fighters accidentally turned loose after the hurricane. Not so. The Kauai chickens have been around since the 1800s, introduced by an Englishman, who wanted something familiar looking to hunt. (Or is that just another Kauai myth?)
A Kauai chicken looking for some tropical snack.

After a quick frolic in the refreshing waterfall, the group gathered for yet another photo opportunity. The water felt cool after hiking through the Kauai jungles. 
Notice how virtuous they all look after their hiking workout. 
Now it's time to hurry back to get ready for 
Mai-Tais and dinner at Roys!

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