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Jellies, Jellies, Jellies!
The Monterey Bay Aquarium!
photo essay by Diannek

When it gets really hot in San Jose, it's time to head west, just over the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Monterey Bay. It's usually overcast there in the summertime, especially in the mornings. What a relief!

I like to visit the aquarium -- so do lots of people. The day we were there, it was crowded, especially in the afternoon. Lots of kids on field trips to pet the fishes and laugh at the otters. I love the jellyfish.

More jellies
I was delighted to see a photo, much like this one, on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News the other day (it was a slow news days, I guess). Everybody likes the jellies. I have no scientific knowledge about jelly fish, I can't spout their latin names, I have no idea of what they eat, how long they live, or any other pertinent details. But I do love to watch them.
Here's another one -- let's call it the jellyfish ballet!

Then it's off to the tall dark fish tanks. Again, I'm mesmerized by the fishes swimming by. 
Too weird
This very strange looking fish was pressed up against the bottom corner of the tank, as if it was trying to hide from something. Must be difficult with those markings. He watched me as I aimed my little camera. It was a little creepy.
Maybe he was just trying to stay out of harm's way.
More swimmers passing by.
Kelp Forest
This is the giant Kelp Forest - another awesome sight.
The aviary!
We dutifully rambled through all the exhibits, including the lovely aviary that overlooks a rather picturesque part of the Monterey Bay. It doesn't appear that the birds appreciate the view. We wanted to see a Snowy Plover, but there wasn't one on hand at the moment. We had heard from an environmentalist out walking the beaches that the plovers are endangered and that we must be careful not to disturb their nests. Their nesting season is between June to September. Gulp! Apparently they make nests on the beach that are easy to spot, especially by predators, and I guess the plovers have lots of predators these days. Not me, I hope.

So if you're in the Northern California area and haven't thought about a trip to the aquarium, maybe you should!

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