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Editor's Note:

I heard from Patrick Parr, a Clever contributor. His book about MLK has just been published.

Congratulations, Patrick!

Get it from Amazon, or your local bookstore.

After five years of research, dozens of interviews, site visits, archival digging, rewrites and revisions, I'm proud to say that my book, The Seminarian: Martin Luther King Jr. Comes of Age, is now available in bookstores nationally and internationally. I hope you'll consider checking it out. 

Published by Chicago Review Press, the book describes the life of MLK Jr. before he became a public figure. More specifically, his life between the ages of 15-22. You may have already seen excerpts of the book via The Atlantic and Politico. I also wrote an op-ed in The Boston Globe

The book has been positively reviewed by several media outlets, including Christianity Today. In the next few weeks, the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post will be running reviews as well. 

My website: www.patrickparr.com

Find it here!     

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