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About clevermag.com

Dianne Kochenburg, Editor and Creator
Karen Kochenburg, Asst. Editor
Jeff Rosenberg, IT consultant
Sheri Rosenberg, Business and ethics consultant

Home base: San Jose, California

The ezine for the Neglected Demographic!

Clever Magazine, the ezine for the neglected demographic, was created specifically for those discerning individuals who didn't quite feel "wanted" by the usual commercial websites, and blogs that proliferate the internet. I call that group, "the neglected demographic."

Clever has been in continual publication since August of 1998 as a general interest online magazine featuring essays, short stories, humor, nature stories, recipes, and book and film reviews. Clever's goal is to provide informative and entertaining content for a variety of readers. Our contributors work for the pleasure of it, or as we like to call it: bragging rights. Contributors can brag that their work is good enough to be posted on somebody else's website.

Clever maintains a free, private mailing list of subscribers that is growing every month. They are well-educated, computer-literate adults and younger readers who support the magazine by reading, contributing articles and feedback, and by passing the word along to other potential readers.

The readership has grown over the past years from a few hundred hits per month to its present status, which we are now calculating our traffic at thousands of visits and page views per month. Clever Magazine is not an e-commerce venture. Our goal is simply to entertain and amuse one small part of the neglected demographic.

Diannek, Editor
Clever Magazine

contact us: dianne@clevermag.com

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