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Suite Home Chicago:
the 2001 public art show

by Diannek

Photo credits: Jack Fox

"Bungalow Belt"
one of Chicago's newest public art exhibits

Chicago is at it again. After the amazing success of their 1991 public art exhibit, Cows on Parade, the city has produced an encore. This time it’s fiberglass furniture decorating the downtown sidewalks. You'll find replicas of sofas, ottomans, chairs and even TV consoles painted and cleverly adorned by local artists, just sitting around waiting for tourists and residents to have a seat or a quick laugh as they pass by. 

This one is called "Stadium Seating" and the pun is intended. 
That's what makes these public art displays so much fun.
Holy cow!
I'm calling this one "Holy Cow!" Very Chicago...

When asked how they like this newest public art exhibit, those who saw the first one say, well, it’s great, but not quite as great as the cows. It seems like everybody just loved the cows, but it appears that sofas are the next best thing. Especially when they come with their own built-in sense of whimsy or humor.
Speaking of Cows, this one is called "Cowch"...
Soda Fountain
This is "Soda Fountain"
Lady Bug Invasion
and this is "Lady Bug Invasion"
tuba couch
Here's "Spring is in the Air"
leg room
and this is "Leg Room"
love suite
Are you ready for this: "Love Suite"

and here's "Moving Day"

The exhibit began in June and will run through October 2001. That’s when the furniture will have to go into storage. Eventually the pieces will be auctioned off to good homes and the proceeds will go to charity. In the meantime, Michigan Avenue’s Miracle Mile is where you can have a seat, or a chuckle.

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