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The mail art project: collage postcards
a group of my artist friends have decided to create hand-made, one-of-a-kind postcards
and mail them to each other once a month. This is our second year, so my collection
is growing. Here are some of the postcards I've made up to send out this year.
It's easy and great fun, you never know what kind of treasure will show up in your mail box.

Cheers, Diannek (mail art specialist)

I'll send this one out to a friend with a sense of bizzaro humor.

I have no idea what these symbols might mean but they appeal to me artistically.

I love to use old dictionary pages as background for collage images.
The definitions sometimes help to pull the thing together.

Postage stamps are some of my favorite scraps of paper to use in collage,
also ticket stubs. It's remarkable just how evocative they can be.

A friend gave me an old Chinese-English translation dictionary. The pages have all turned
that musty aged color (from the acid in the paper -- it's so yummy!). I love to use the
pages as background for simple collages. I also use tea bag wrappers, they contain
lovely artwork that is so often overlooked.

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