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We've been collecting travel essays for many years now. Here are the favorites:

Essays within the US include:

Essays around the world include:


New Mexico
New York

South Dakota

Bora Bora
Costa Rica





New Zealand

Southeast Asia

Location: Essay:
Alaska Alaska's White Pass Railway by Diannek
North to Alaska, Diannek

The Flowers of Alaska, by Meeta Parker
Arizona Canyon Country, by Diannek
Historic Route 66, by Diannek
Tucson: the Pima Air & Space Museum

Grand Canyon: trying out the new truck by Tom Beall
Moving on: seeing the Southwest, Moving on, Part II,Moving on, Part III, by Robert Demaree
The Arizona Bicycle Adventure, by Phillip Ghee
The Discovery of Monument Valley, by Martin Green

California Thanks for the Liberty: a tour of the Jeremiah O'Brien,
   by Townsend Twainhart

Monterey Bay Aquarium by the Phantom
Having fun with my camera, by the Phantom
Hwy 395 to Reno by the Phantom
Things to do in Palm Springs for the non-golfer by Diannek
On the Road with the Phantom
Napa Valley: a conversation with winemaker Vincent Arroyo
by Diannek
A Yosemite Adventure for Non-Campers by Karen Dale
Yosemite: a virtual art class by Robert Dvorak
Do you know the way to San Jose by Diannek
Shark Attack by Diannek
Riding the LA Bus, by Jonathan Skurnik

Colorado Mountain Ghosts by Tom Beall
The Amtrak Zepher
by Diannek
Travel Photos I forgot to show you, by the Phantom
Smokin' to Durango
by Joyce Wade

Florida Driving the Infamous I-95, by Johnna Kaplan
Hawaii Kauai through the Lens by Diannek
Go Take a Hike on Kauai
by the Phantom
Kauai Gardens, by Diannek
Flying to Molokai
by Diannek
Leprosy by Diannek
Captain Cook's Landing Spot on Kauai
by Diannek
A Bird's-eye view of Haleakala
by Diannek
Observing Maui, by Martin Green

The Big Island, by Meeta Parker
Cancun, Fun in the Yucatan, by Meeta Parker
The "New" Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, by John Rosenberg

Illinois Suite Home Chicago by Diannek
Chicago Cows on Parade
by the Phantom
Chicago, the Garden City by Diannek

Kansas Kansas: Land of the Cockeyed Optimists,
by Edward M. Richstone

Louisiana Tom and Lanna's Cruise Adventure, by Tom Beall
Montana Bear Country by Jane Starbird
The Scariest Creature in Yellowstone, by Roy Blokker

Yellowstone National Park, by Meeta Gajjar Parker
Nevada On the Road with the Phantom
New Mexico Santa Fe: via Elderhostel by Thelma Gray
New York A Couple of Tourists in NYC by the Phantom
Snapshots of NYC
, Karen Dale and the Phantom
New York Public Library
by the Phantom & friends

Oregon Portland: a laughing matter by Diannek
South Dakota South Dakota Adventure, by Jane Al Salem
Texas Austin: deep in the heart of Texas by Diannek
Wisconsin A Visit to Wisconsin, by Margaret Gaynes

Outside the USA:

Africa Tanzania: a safari journal by Carrol Chrys
Zimbabwe adventure by Cheryl Levinson
Wild Animals Galore, touring Namibia, by June Rendle
On Knowing Nothing about Africa by Diannek
The Beast Within by Joyce Faulkner

Bora Bora Off-Road Trekking on Bora Bora, by Rebecca Rochat
Canada Holey Cow, I'm in Calgary, by the Phantom
Vancouver: finding Chinatown by Diannek
Vancouver: horsing around Stanley Park by the Phantom
Victoria, BC: lovely as ever, by Diannek
Victoria, BC: tea anyone?
by Diannek
The Canadian Rockies, by Meeta Parker
Manitoba Journal
by Dee Walmsley
Follow the Brits to BC by Dee Walmsley

China Touring China, by Rosemarie Delson
Cuba Touring Cuba, by Fred Steinberg
Costa Rica Grand Circle Tour by Carol Delockroy
The Animals of Costa Rica, a photo essay by Meeta and Frank Parker
England Bath and Salisbury, a photo essay by Stacy Beard

& French Polynesia

A Paris Photo Album by Diannek
French Impressions by Diannek
Paris Lions by Len Fehskens
Traveling in Spain and France by Tom Beall

Bali Hai May Call You, by Rebecca Rochat
To Europe with Love, by Fred Steinberg

Guatemala The Guatemala Volcano Adventure, by Phillip Ghee
India Holy Cow: images of eastern India, by Chaitali Banerjee
Traversing Mystical India, by Meeta Gajjar Parker
The Animals of India, by Meeta Gajjar Parker

Indonesia Jakarta! by Tom Beall
Journey to the Dreamy Maldives, by Meeta Gajjar Parker

Ireland Observations of Ireland, by Martin Green
All things Irish

Italy Idling in Firenze by Diannek
Grace Notes: impressions of Firenze, by Diannek
Touring Italy by Train by Diannek
Pitti Palace Artist by Diannek
The Lions of Florence by Scott Beavin

Mexico The View from the Backseat, by DianneK
Driving Mexico, by Karen Dale
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, by Karen Dale
Morocco Tunis, by Mira Doria
Netherlands Amsterdam: city of beauty and Decay, by C. Lidgerding
New Zealand A photo essay, by Stacy Beard
Philippines Trees for the Philippines by Antonio Graceffo
Peru Peru Papers I: up the Amazon by Jane Starbird
Peru Papers II: Machu Picchu by Jane Starbird

Russia Inside Siberia by David MacDonald
Spain A Pilgrim's Journey: walking Spain's El Camino,
by Jane Al Salem

Traveling in Spain and France by Tom Beall
A Bad Start in Barcelona, By Aaron Dorman
The Art of Alkimia, A Catalonian dining exp. by Stephen S. Hale
South to Malaga: the Spanish Odyssey by John MacDonald

A Road Warrior in Spain, by Phantom-in-law
Torremolinas & Spain's Costa del Sol, by Martin Green

Southeast Asia Coconuts, Coffee and Close Calls on the Mekong Delta,
  by David Calleja

Kingdom of Thailand by Carol Delockroy
On Learning the Khmer Language, by Antonio Graceffo
The Road to Siem Reap by Antonio Graceffo

Phnom Penh: Where Anything Goes, by Christina Hoage
The Muslim Fishermen of PHang Nga, Thailand
   by Antonio Graceffo

Tunisia Tunis, by Mira Doria
Turkey Aphroisias, Turkey and the Goddess of Love,
   by Rebecca Rochat

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