Clever Magazine's Investigations Archive

Ongoing investigations: Clever has been scouring the world searching for stone lions. Here's what we've found so far:

Stone Lions: main page 
The Lion of Lucerne  
Paris Lions

Confederate Soldiers Memorial Lion

Nice kitty
San Francisco museum lion

Completed investigations ~ here's a random collection of interesting bits of information that we've collected since we first started publishing Clever:

Bunk file items:
Investigating "the 45 amazing ways to use lemons"
Astrological Personality Chart, from the bunk file (also an anonymous email)
Cake Choice Personality Test
, from the bunk file
Movie Star Quiz, another stupid test

Tibetan Personality Test

Trees and birthdays: treeology

Food related investigations
Carbos, what are we doing?
Hunza Bread Scam
Ordering Fast Food
, by the Phantom
Researching Coke Facts!

Take a banana to breakfast, an email

Tea Time, by Diannek
, see what it does for us!

How To's:
How to clean a dirty keyboard

How to remove moss from the cement patio
How to Install Pergo: not quite so simple

In the event of my untimely passing: a to-do list

How to get involved: 
Year on the Grand Jury, by John Rosenberg

Travel related investigations: 
50 State Quick Tour, investigating fun things to do in every state
Looking into Ireland
, the Clever Irish files, humor, essays, photos, stories
On Knowing Nothing about Africa

Storm Vocabulary

Wanted: a traveling companion, a Clever checklist

Other investigations:
Cell Phone Tips

Email Warnings, by the Phantom
Inside the CIA: a photo essay
Tips on Staying Safe from Human Predators

Miscellaneous Stuff:
Cleaning up the Idea Files: Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3

Remembering the Century

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