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Most of the content in our humor archive is a collection of the stuff that collects in our email inboxes. In the last 18 years of publication nobody has ever claimed authorship of it. Doesn't matter, it's pretty funny. Now and then we go through it and shred the stuff that's getting stale. Sort of like cleaning out the refrigerator. Below are the ones that made the latest cut.

Here's Volume I relationship jokes: we've been collecting these for years. Some are not politically correct, but still made me smile, so we'll keep them around for a while longer.
Here's Volume II  -pearly gates jokes: why is meeting up with St. Peter so funny? These jokes are so prolific, yet jokesters still come up with more.
Here's Volume III
-one liners,
 well-developed sarcasm is always in style.

Irish Humor: faith and Bejabbers! Every year this file gets dragged out and is still good for a laugh or two. We keep collecting them.

Holiday humor! Season's Greetings
New Year Resolution Helper

The Bunk File! Every so often something comes our way that is so outlandish and obviously bunk that we have to share it with you.

Improving our minds, one joke at a time

Amazing Facts: uh-huh
Aphorisms: wise observations
Egg cartoons
Group Therapy: insanity can be amusing
Facts you may not know, factoids
Feeling a little older?: getting older is not a laughing matter, or is it?
Did you know?: fun facts
European Threat Levels: not too serious
Flip Flop Rules: did you know that there are rules for wearing sandals?
Flu Bugs: always funny

Food Facts: food for thought
Meanwhile in Canada, photos
Politically Speaking: hmm
Six Sex Affairs
How to irritate telemarketers: love this idea
Princess and the Frog: so many frogs, so few princes
Text Message Abbreviations: just a few, there are hundreds
War humor: send in the old guys

Humorous essays:
Bill disturbs the peace, Maryetta Ackenbom
I am not dead, by Dane Zeller
Dread by Diannek
Images of 2008, by the Phantom
The Moles in my life, by the Phantom
My Summer In Paris, by the Phantom
Cleaning out the idea files, and Part II, by the Phantom
Lining up Ducks, by the Phantom

Pet Humor:
Animal Nightmares
Idiotic animal Jokes
: dogs and cats amusing us
Funny animals: some photos
Animal Tails: more photos
Organize your cats: photos

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