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Environmental problems:

Speaking of Rain, by Dianne Kochenburg
But First Some Bad News about the Environment by Dianne K.

Nature Essays:

11 Ways to Simplify your life ... by the Audubon folks

Alert! Audubon's Fish List.
..endangered fish, which ones to eat
Alert! Fall Pollution checklist
Animal Oddities
Baby Squirrels! a photo essay by Diannek
Be Kind to the Bears, by the Phantom
Pick up a Puppy, by the Phantom
California on Fire
...the summer fire season hits Bucks Lake
Caring for the Carolina Bluebird, by Shelby Stephenson
Christmas means more Stuff! by Diannek
Did you know? by Dee Walmsley
On Storms
, by Diannek, the storm vocabulary
On Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins by Diannek ...a beginners guide to turtles
The Nature in Me, by Dee Walmsley
Window Bird Watching, by Patricia Crandall
The Koala: a wildlife wonder
, by Vivian Ledlie
Kritter Kitchen, by Dee Walmsley
Losses, by Dee Walmsley
Meet Rebecca, by Dee Walmsley
Mona's Plum Tree, by Dee Walmsley
Nicki & Ghost, by Dee Walmsley
Trees of Peace, by Dee Walmsley
What D'ya Want From Me, by Dee Walmsley
Wild Ways, by Dee Walmsley
Every Day is Earth Day, by Melissa Westemeier

Animal Cruelty stories: let's get involved here. It's time to stop these practices!

The Moon Bear Problem:
perhaps one of the most horrible things ever done to wild animals
The 10 Most Wanted - by poachers, traders & collectors
, from WWF
Mulesing: getting involved
Gray Whales in Waiting, by Dee Walmsley

Beast in the Garden by David Baron, reviewed by Diannek

Wildlife Whispers...a series of  essays by Clever's nature writer 
Dee Walmsley:

Estate Planning for Your pet, by Dee Walmsley

Are your pets prepared for earthquakes, hurricanes and floods?
- a tip-sheet to help you prepare your pets for a natural disaster
Black Squirrel - an essay about one of  these fascinating critters
Canada Geese - Canada's gift to the world
Cats, Coyotes and You
- facts you may not know
Chipmunks: nature's vacuum - we need them
Christmas Blessings ~ thinking of wildlife during the holidays
Co-existing with urban wildlife - is it possible?
Critter Christmas ~
gift suggestions
Did You Know?
- a collection of interesting animal facts
Downside - co-existing with urban wildlife

Feeding the Birds - how to insure healthy backyard birds
Forest Fire
- with Canada photos
Forest Fire
- wildlife at risk
Fun with Animals
- a guessing game about animal names
I Believe it...
earth in jeopardy
Images - imagining a different life
Imagining Wildlife
- where do the critters go when humans take over their territory
Mathematical Cats
- how the cat population increases dramatically
Mating Season
- tips on dealing with wildlife 
Meet Rebecca - the short life of an Eastern Gray Squirrel with black fur
Nature's Nightmares ~ problems and solutions
Priscilla Possum ~ a heart-warming story
Raccoon Mum ~ a misunderstood critter
Raccoon Rehabilitator ~ more info needed
Raccoons in my yard - possible solutions

Spring has Sprung - urbanization problems
Summer Solutions - to skunk, mosquito, bee and ant problems
More Summer Solutions
Up, Up, but not always Away -- balloon safety
Helping Baby Birds!
Web of Life ~ things to think about

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