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 Fall 2018 - The 20th Anniversary Edition

"We are celebrating!"

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A Message from the Editor
Book Reviews
: In Bed with the Phantom

Featured Fiction:
Uncle Pringle and the Sexual Accuser, by Martin Green
The Chasm
, a cheeky little potboiler by Dianne Kochenburg

Editor's choice: In honor of our 20 years I've chosen some fiction
that you might enjoy reading again
The Jarvis Place
, by Patricia Crandall
The Box, by Pamela June Kimmell
Cake, by Bobby Macleod
Cat and Mouse Games, by Ben Nardolilli

      Some features from the earliest issues of Clever: Volumn I
      The Perfect Murder
, by Diannek
      The Lahaina Printsellers: a Clever Investigation, by DianneK

Joshua Tree National Park! by Dianne Kochenburg
A Day with Olga at Moscow's GUM, by Fred Steinberg
Is Ireland Really Heaven? by Evelyn LaTorre

Essays and Short Fiction:
Christmas Bells
, by Maryetta Ackenborn
Nobody move but me! by Ken Carlson
Study, by Ken Carlson
A Farewell to Alms, by Arthur Carey
The Pastor, by Jordan Cass
The Last Dance, by Madonna Dries Christensen
Why No. 7 Always Ran the Wrong Way Down the Gridiron, by Mark W. Jones
The Mysterious Digger, by William Metcalfe
The Rage of the Raccoon, by Bill Metcalfe
Some Things, by Fred Vogel
Loyalty, by Fred Vogel

Encore! our most-read stories from the last issue:
The Assassination, by Martin Green (with a few edits from Diannek, the editor)
Genie, by Maryetta Ackenbom
Dictionaries! endangered species, by Dianne K.
Good-bye Sugar, by Dianne K.
Yosemite: always beautiful,
by Dianne K

The funny stuff: from the archives
Aphorisms, etc

Idiotic pet jokes
Halloween Jokes!


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Investigations, our extremely important research
Nature stories
, saving the environment one small step at a time
Travel Essays, armchair travel at its finest

Humor Archives, or look at the following:
Relationship, senior and southern humor
Pearly gates and regional humor

The Phantom's Page: here's the editor's stuff

Ongoing collections:
Clever Cooks, here it is, our recipe collection

Movie Review Archive:
A-C, D-G, H-M, N-S,

Publishing Guidelines, want to get your piece published? Read this first.
About Clever, maybe more than you want to know
A Message from the Editor: occasionally the editor spouts off about something

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